blackberry limeade

by sj

Blackberries, Lime, and just a hint of coconut (yup, coconut) blend together to create a beautifully refreshing, slightly tropical, drink that you’ll want to drink glass after glass of. This recipe makes a concentrated limeade that you can dilute as needed with flat or sparkling water, or throw in some happy fun alcoholic liquid for adult beverages. Fizz, no fizz, boozy, or kid friendly, it’s all up to you.

blackberry limeade

Blackberries, Lime, and just a hint of coconut (yup, coconut) blend together to create a beautifully refreshing, slightly tropical, drink that you’ll want… 10 items or less blackberry limeade European make it paper
yield: 10-12 Prep Time:
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat
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170g | 6oz blackberries

12g | 4 tsp packed lime zest

360g/ml | 1 1/2 cups lime juice

350g | 1 ¾  cups sugar

1.5-2.5g /ml | ¼-½ tsp coconut extract/flavoring  


Mix blackberries, zest, juice and sugar in a bowl and mash berries

Place in fridge to macerate overnight (if you’re in a rush you can skip this, but it really does intensify the flavours)

Blend mixture along with the coconut extract, and then strain to remove seeds (totally optional)

Add enough water to bring to 2 liters | ½ gallon

To serve: Pour over ice and dilute with an equal part of flat or sparkling water, soda, alcohol of choice, or any combination thereof   Keeps in the fridge for up to a week  

It all starts with these lovely jewel-like berries, so make sure and use some good ones. If you’re in a pinch, or just happen to have them on hand, frozen berries can work fine in this recipe, in fact, you can skip the macerating part as they’re already going to be softened, just thaw them in the sugar until you can mash them up, then continue on with the recipe as is.

Copious amounts of lime zest really are the key here, bringing an intense lime flavor that’s entirely different than the juice alone. Do not skimp on this! And avoid the white pith at all costs, it’s bitter and brings nothing to the drink that’s worthy, plus, more pith means less zest and the zest is where all those wonderful tasty oils reside. [you want that, you do]

Macerating the berries and zest overnight with the juice helps to intensify the flavors, soften the berries, and pre-dissolve some of the sugar. You CAN skip this, especially if using frozen berries, but it is better to wait for it. The coconut extract is really key here, it’s flavor blending everything else together and softening the rough edges, bringing down the bitterness of the limes and the tannic quality of the berries. If you just don’t like coconut (it’s not very present here, i don’t feel you taste it and go “does this have coconut?” it’s very subtle) you can sub vanilla, it will serve a similar purpose, but won’t give the same tropical effect to the drink.

Before we begin, i’ll point out that straining is completely optional. However, the fridge life will be reduced a few days, it seems to discolor quicker and develop off flavors (i imagine maybe from enzymes in the seeds? maybe? i dunno) plus, i don’t particularly enjoy the hard blackberry seeds in my drinks, maybe you do, go for it!


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