ingredient: mushroom granules

by sj

also: vegetarian seasoning, mushroom seasoning, vegetable seasoning

shelf life: 2+ years, when kept dry and sealed in a cool, dark place.

flavour profile: intense umami, meaty mushroom flavour, very salty

pairs well with: any savoury dish

Cuisines: all

special notes: excellent flavour enhancer when used in smaller quantities, adds richness and depth to dishes, intense umami quality, good substitute for MSG, in larger quantities provides a wonderful mushroom flavour (can be used like a mushroom bouillon)

These are small and light granules made by dehydrating mushroom extract and blending it with mushroom powder and salt. Extremely high in glutamates lending to its use as a flavour enhancer, bringing an instant meaty punch to any dish, just be careful of the salt level and reduce or eliminate salt from a recipe you plan to use it in. Also can simply be mixed with water to make an instant, delicious, salty broth, powdered and sprinkled on popcorn, or used in recipes where bouillon powder or granules are called for.

You can easily find these in your local asian goods purveyor, there are many brands, and they go under various names as listed above, check the ingredients, some have additional seasonings and flavours added (the one with asparagus is delightful) but for the purpose of recipes on here pick up one that doesn’t have anything but mushroom and salt (there probably will be added vitamins,minerals, or something, those are fine.)

You can buy it online HERE

...and now for something similar:

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Melynda August 4, 2022 - 2:42 am

Broken link alert! (AKA, a random act of kindness from one chief cook and web bottle washer to another! 🙂 )

I just found your site when looking for a vegan creole red bean in-the-Instant-Pot recipe, and I’m delighted at all the potential yumminess you present here! Thank you! I love your voice.


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